GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop 

Have you decided to stop using the creamy crack(relaxers and texturizers) and don’t know what next to do or what products and tools you should get to help you manage your new texture? Then worry no more as i will be sharing with you the budget friendly essentials every natural must possess.

1. Shampoo – make sure to read the ingredients and confirm that it’s free of sulphate which strips your hair of moisture and makes it dry and brittle or you can as well make it yourself that way you know what exactly you are putting in your hair(DIY budget friendly shampoo post coming up ).
2. Conditioner – now here is the tricky part a conditioner can either be a rinse out, a leave in or a deep conditioner.
i – RINSE OUT as the the word implies is rinsed out after applying as they tend to be heavy also a rinse out condish is mild enough to use on your hair everyday and after cleansing with shampoo , a good rinse out conditioner should have slip as this aids in detangling which makes the hair more manageable.
ii – DEEP CONDITIONER which is quite similar to the rinse out but different in the sense that it has a higher viscosity which can be measured by thickness, it is formulated to penetrate deeper into the hair shafts and helps with moisture or protein balance of the hair . the effects of the deep conditioner lasts longer than your regular conditioner, a deep conditioner can be used weekly, bi-weekly or once a month depending on your texture and hair regimen.
iii – LEAVE IN CONDITIONER after cleansing and conditioning your hair the leave in further helps in retaining the moisture and keeping the hair smooth and malleable
Tip:if you are on a budget and find the store bought conditioners too pricey do not despair they are lots of DIY alternatives using ingredients in your kitchen ☺
3. Wide Tooth Comb – when I was relaxed my go to Comb was the tail Comb because it’s just so mild on the hair especially when I just had my relaxer touch up. but if you are going natural you should just ditch that and get a wide tooth Comb as its easier on tightly coiled hair.. (avoid combing your kinks when it’s dry)
4. Spritz Bottle – the importance of the spritz bottle can’t be overly Emphasized because it helps you get by just before your next wash day by keeping your hair moisturized when it feels dry.. Your spritz bottle should contain 80% water, 15-20% your favorite conditioner, about a teaspoon of oil (any oil of choice is fine i, prefer olive oil) and a drop of your favorite essential oil(optional)
5. Oils – Adding natural oils to your hair care regime is the best thing you can do for your hair especially kinky hair which tends to feel dry if not properly moisturized or sealed. Natural oils can act as a sealant, a moisturizer, a styler and even help hair growth and there are a lot of great oils to choose from and if you are budget conscious like me you can even make some of the oils yourself . My must have oil of choice is olive oil and coconut oil.
6. SATIN BONNET/PILLOW CASE – these help protect your hair style from frizz and as well retain moisture as opposed to cotton which sucks out moisture from your hair leading to dryness and breakage.

PS :for my relaxed sisters oils, use of spritz bottle, satin bonnet /pillow case and deep conditioners should be included in your hair regimen.

What did I miss? Feel free to comment and add your own tips and tools.


Hi there , my name is Vivian (popularly known as skinnybrowny) the brain behind this litttle space.
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  1. What do I do to my hair? As soon as its full, I cant get it to stay combed

    1. Always make sure your hair is damp and not dry before putting a comb in it.
      Once you are done with combing, pat your hair with your palms to shape it as you want.
      And you are good for the rest of the day as long as you keep your hands out of your hair 😁👍

  2. Haha I can’t believe this is me now AGAIN. I’ve had the big chop done after 3+ years with my mane. I don’t know how I feel, maybe I should just be on a low cut for a while before
    going through this process again
    Idle head
    How Do You Wash Your Hair

    1. Aww.. Why did you Chop your hair again?

      1. I don’t really know. I’ve just been talking inwardly about exploring my confidence beyond my looks and all. hair seemed to just come as the one option to experiment on.

        1. ok dear.. All the best

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