My Body Obsession

Not good enough, too tall,too short, too fat, not beautiful, ugly, stocky, scarred,too skinny, too light, too dark and it goes on and on . These are insecurities we have had to deal with at one time or the other in our lives.
Some people have passed through this phase and have learned to accept themselves just as they are.For the majority it’s not that easy.
IMG_20151018_183957_364You need to realize that just as a person is battling with being overweight it’s the same way another person is battling with being underweight or being insecure about something else entirely. The struggle is real and i am going to be sharing my experience as being a too skinny person.
I have been told am too skinny to be healthy, too skinny to dance,being this skinny is uncanny,i have also been called a size zero, I even remember being told that i needed deliverance and prayers.
It’s really hard trying to explain to people that’s how I have always been or that i am contented and comfortable with being skinny. That’s when they will start thinking for you and saying ah ehya I pity you, you seriously can’t be happy as you are and oh have you tried this, ah you need that. Or something as silly as if it’s food you are lacking ask me I will give you.
The truth is no matter what size you are, in the eye of society you will never be good enough, there will always be something wrong with how you look.
So i have decided to take care of my body since it’s the only place I have to live, I am eating healthy (yuck i hate vegetables­čśó) and trying not to skip meals,if i put on weight that would be a bonus and if i don’t it’s all good.

My advice to you is do what you can to be fit and healthy, accept your flaws and love yourself because it shows and people won’t accept your flaws until you do.

Be comfortable with your looks, even if it isn’t easy but it really is no use obsessing over what you can’t change.
Remember the people who really care about you don’t care if you are fat or skinny, flawed or not, what really matters is you are healthy and content.
What are your thoughts on body image obsession.?
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Hi there , my name is Vivian (popularly known as skinnybrowny) the brain behind this litttle space.
I am a creative thinker with vast interests and talents , I am my own biggest competition and critic ,everyday I Strive to be a better version of myself.
I aim is to educate/enlighten everyone who stops by through my skills and ability. I hope you to stay and grow with me.

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  1. People feed on insecurities. It is the cigarette of the masses, right after religion.

    1. Hmm.. Food for thought

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