Cheap Haul

Hi dearies it’s been a while, I have been busy with exams but I am back now☺🙌.
So I was at trade fair market in aspanda to buy a thing or two  for my protective styles.i got sidetracked  when I came across PERM RODS!:mrgreen:, i was so excited i just to buy it because I have always wanted to get them just that when the dollar price went up, the online stores that stock them also doubled their price, so i had to put it out of my mind as it’s beyond my budget. 😐:'(
I got them at trade fair for 200 naira per pack of 12.. The sizes start from 1, I got size 5 and 6.
I am yet to use them for my hair (would do a review when I do) but I used them for a crochet wig I made. The curls were lovely.

Crochet wig.. 😍

What styling tools have you bought at a give away price?


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