GODDESS LOCS : less than five thousand naira / thirty dollars 

Helloooo  I hope you are keeping well?
This isn’t a tutorial,  I just wanted to share with you all how I got my goddess locs installed for less than six  thousand naira (6k). If you don’t know what goddess locs are thispost by thekinkandi  would  help.
Any loc hair is expensive to install because its time consuming and they last really long too.the regular way to install goddess locs is to prebraid hair with curled synthetic  extension  and wrap(not completely) with 100 percent human hair, hmm even if it’s available here it would be very expensive, some people use synthetic or marley hair to wrap and it still turns out beautiful .To wrap up using Marley hair  you would need at least three packs of long bulk hair like one made by “noble brand”. You would also have to look for precurled braiding hair to buy. (calculate the price), not to even talk of workmanship. Goddess locs is really not for “hungry people” like me but I was hooked and longthroating too much for the hair so I had to think up other alternatives.                                                 
I remembered naijagirlnextdoor installed faux-locs with Brazilian wool and they really had  texture to them(not too messy or too smooth)  , I  said to myself this could work for goddess locs too. I sharply took myself to the market and got six(6) rolls of Brazilian wool for one thousand naira, it retails between 250-300naira per one.I also got a random weavon that had my desired Curl of choice. 

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The weavon cost 600naira . Sorry about the picture quality.

I chose gold because I didn’t want the regular all black, grey or brown I have been seeing on social media. 
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I love the Curl pattern of this weavon

Next day, I went to a local salon with my hair in three strand braids (calabar) to keep it stretched.she(stylist) cut the wool into my  desired length and for the weavon she cut off the weft to leave them in single strands. 
Curly weave attached to the end of each loc

The stylist used the Brazilian wool for pre-twisting and wrapping. To save time I told her not to twist all the way(2-3 inches of twisting), after which she began wrapping and then she added the curly weave about two inches to the end of the loc, knotted and burnt the loose ends. I hope am making sense. 
It took the stylist six(6) hours to install my goddess locs, the hair was stiff after completion and she couldn’t dip it in hot water because of the curls at the tip. I mostly just let it down for the period it took to get flexible. 
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Freshly made, a few days old. 

 I  used four and a half(4.5) rolls of Brazilian wool,I didn’t use all the weavon either . The hair wasn’t too tight and it’s really very light, it doesn’t feel heavy in anyway at all. 
The locs are quite long but not equal,I told the stylist I didn’t want them to be equal and she surpassed my expectations.
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Hair at 7weeks, looks more realistic as it gets older 

I know she(stylist) thinks the fee she charged was a lot, I just priced half heartedly and gave her the amount she billed me.I got more than my money’s worth. 
I planned on wearing my goddess locs for eight weeks,its the 7th week now and I am taking it off because I haven’t been able to wash my scalp properly, its been a challenge trying to wash only my scalp and not get water on/into the locs. It takes forever to dry when water touches it. 
Goddess locs, cheap goddess locs, protective style, creative, 4c hair chick, natural hair magazine, texture, black hair styles, #wordpress, #freshly pressed
Texture 😍, looks like the real thing.

Here is another alternative by Whitneynaturalsblog , she used expression ultra braid to achieve hers. 

TIP – if you are going to install goddess locs using my method,scissor the weavon into bits but do not cut off the weft. It’s easier and neater to attach that way. 
Would you try goddess locs? If you have any questions,please ask  below and I shall answer. 


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  1. Really nice! They look so realistic (except the color at the ends which is still nice) and for less than 6k, that’s a steal! Well done! 🙂

    1. I know right? Thanks 😊

  2. That weavon bit at the end instead of braiding all through is genius. The colour is like your signature in your hair. Nice!

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