Happy Friday people.Am here again with yet another crochet braid install, I just love crochet braids and how versatile it is(my opinion). It’s also a very easy protective style that you can make yourself .
I know the economy right now is hard but you can still slay on a budget,its all about being creative with what you can afford.
I used one pack of darling super star in the color purple. I cut the hair into four (4) equal parts and feathered the tip. For a fuller or longer look you’ll need more than one pack of braiding hair.I bought the hair seven hundred naira (700).
Summer hairstyles, fall hairstyles, protective style ideas, crochet braid, purple hair, bonestraightcrochet, 4c natural hair, lagos blogger, nigerian blogger, natural hair babes My braid pattern wasn’t really it, the cornrow that I made for the parting was a bit too small, it made it impossible to get my Latch hook through, I had to use a small sized Bobby pin.
Crochet braid pattern, 4c natural hair, blackhairstyles, bonestraightcrochet I used a bit of black at the back but I didn’t like how it looked so I just continued with the purple for the rest of the install.Because I cut the hair in equal parts I didn’t fold the front to be even so as to get it reasonably long(not as long as the back part though). This hair felt like it took forever to complete, I started Friday night and finished what was left on Saturday morning.

Crochet braid pattern, crochet braid, bonestraightcrochet, purple hair, summer hairstyles, fall hairstyles, protective style ideas, blackhairstyles, lagos blogger, nigerian blogger
Before flat iron

Now the interesting part, I used a flat iron on low heat to straighten the hair. I alternate between 150 – 170 degrees,if the flat iron is too hot it will melt the hair because it’s synthetic.

Flat iron, purple hair, summer hairstyles, fall hairstyles, flat iron curls, crochet braid, bonestraightcrochet, purple hair, lagos blogger, nigerian blogger, protective style, blackhairstyles
After straightening
Flat iron, 4c hair, nigerian blogger, protective style, blackhairstyles, lagos blogger, bonestraightcrochet, darling super star, protective style
Slaying 👑

I wore it straight for a few days and curled it using my flat iron and flexirods.
Flexirod curls, purple hair, crochet braid pattern, crochet braid install, bonestraightcrochet, cheap classy hairstyles, lagos blogger, Nigerian blogger In the past I would use hot water,we learn everyday and I realised it’s easier to use a  flat iron. I ran the flat iron through the hair in sections and rolled it up on the flexirod while the hair was still hot before moving to the next section.

Purple hair, darling super star, protective style, blackhairstyles, bonestraightcrochet, krochetkulture, summer hairstyles, fall hairstyles, flat iron curls
Flexirod results
Purple hair, summer hairstyles, bonestraightcrochet, krochetkulture, darling super star, protective style, blackhairstyles, natural hair, 4c hair chick, lagos blogger, Nigerian natural hair, Nigerian blogger
Back view. See the black strands?

I really love the texture of the darling super star, its so soft and beautiful every one thought it was a weavon and I haven’t experienced any tangles so far.

Would you try or have you used the darling attachment before? What other brand have you tried and loved?  


Hi there , my name is Vivian (popularly known as skinnybrowny) the brain behind this litttle space.
I am a creative thinker with vast interests and talents , I am my own biggest competition and critic ,everyday I Strive to be a better version of myself.
I aim is to educate/enlighten everyone who stops by through my skills and ability. I hope you to stay and grow with me.

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  1. Olaitan says:

    All these crotchet you people are sharing. There is God oh. This is so creative. Like how do you people come up with stuff like this.? I’ve never tried anything crotchet. Donno why lol
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Lol, 😂😂😂😂😂😂, you should give it a try you just might love it .. I learnt from YouTube. I like to crochet my hair because it’s very easy and it’s a protective style I can do really well by myself.

  2. doughyeen says:

    Nice one dear, I love the curls…

    1. Thanks love

  3. doughyeen says:

    Nice one dear, I love the curls

  4. I love the color of the hair. I love like you can curl it also.
    Happiness is…

    1. Thanks dear 😘

  5. My favourite braiding hairs are xpression and impression. It’s so full and the impression is so soft. Love your blog. Will be checking it out more often.

    1. Thanks dear.
      I haven’t tried impression before though.

  6. Hi I’m looking for some darling hair but I’m blue do you know of a place online that will ship to the U.S

    1. Hi love, sorry for replying late I just saw this.
      I do not know where you could order online but I know aliexpress carries colorful braiding hair. though it’s not darling.

      1. Thanks my friend bought me some back from her trip but not enough

        1. Aww.. You could try using it for an Updo then.

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