​Hi there, looking for an alternative to your store bought shampoo which strips your hair ? African black soap (dudu osun) is what you hair totally loves black soap and it’s also very affordable. It’s an holy grail for my hair. I talked about the benefits and numerous uses of black soap in this post
Here am just going to be sharing with you all how I make my black soap shampoo in a few steps.
             Shampoo ingredients  – 
Black soap 
Glycerin (optional) 
Olive oil (optional) 
Peppermint essential oil (optional) 
Lemon grass (optional) 
To start with I like to infuse fresh lemon grass leaves in to the water I use for dissolving the black soap, I do this simply by putting the leaves in to boil with my desired amount of water. I then take out the leaves and proceed to making the shampoo. 

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Lemon grass infused water.

-Lemon grass strengthens  the hair follicles, which helps to prevent hair loss. It is also an antibacterial so it keeps the scalp in good condition for hair growth. 
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Pure black soap

Next step is to pour the black soap(I used 1/3 cup)into the water while it’s still hot and allow it to dissolve. 

When it is  completely melted I add Glycerin, olive oil and Peppermint essential oil. I pour it into a plastic bottle and it’s ready to be used. 
Black soap shampoo

– Glycerin is an humectant and it traps moisture to the hair. Honey can also be used in place of Glycerin as it is also an humectant. 
– Olive oil  adds moisture to the hair thereby leading to extra softness. It protects keratin in the hair and seals moisture. 
– Peppermint  essential oil is great for promoting hair growth. It is an antiseptic, so it kills bacteria on the scalp and provides a healthy environment for hair to grow. peppermint stimulates circulation on the scalp, which stimulates hair follicles, therefore promoting hair growth.
I really love using this shampoo it leaves my hair feeling soft and tangle free, a little goes a long way because it lathers a lot. I don’t even co-wash anymore,because its (black soap) more/less a conditioner that lathers. 
I hope you found this helpful, do you use black soap on your hair.? Please leave me a comment. 


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    I once tried to wash my hair with Dudu Osun soap but I found it to be too harsh for my scalp.
    On the other hand, black soap works great on my skin. 🙂

    1. I used to use dudu osun too before I switched to buying raw black soap and tweaking it to suit my needs.
      I know it tends to be to harsh for some people but it works really fine for me.

    2. And thanks for stopping by. 😘

  2. I need to try that. Good shampoo is hard to find.

    1. You should and please let me know when you try it.

      1. Will do!

  3. Nnenna says:

    I use only the local black soap as shampoo, I’m going to add the oil as you have shared here.thanks

    1. You are welcome dear.. The oil helps to rid knots and tangles and also to rid dryness.

  4. Once I used my Ghanaian black soap on my hair. It worked alright but mostly I use my friends’ black soap scrub. My hair likes that best.

    1. Black soap really works great for me too plus it’s easily accessible and quite cheap too
      What’s the difference or what’s a black soap scrub?

      1. A black soap scrub is black soap that has the added quality of exfoliating your skin and scalp too. Try it after you take your braids out in place of your clarifying shampoo. It’s awesome.

        1. How do I make it

          1. Can’t say I know. My friend makes it. Her BlackBerry channel number is C002B7A07 and her number is 08166243282. Her name is Stephanie.

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