Lagos Waka : Whispering Palms Beach Resort

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Whispering palms is a recreational/holiday resort located at badagry. It’s a great place to visit when you need to unwind or just need a rest from the busy lagos life. It’s very serene.
Some of the side attractions are – pool, mini zoo,playing ground for kids, boat ride, a bar, chalets for rent(if you plan to spend a few days or the night) and the best view of the ocean.
I have hardly done anything for leisure this year because I feel like the nice places are too expensive and beyond my current financial capacity , you know your “girl”  be frugal and always on a budget . anyhoo my friend and I got talking and we(more like she) concluded that I needed to spend some money and have fun because you only live once. We decided on whispering Palms which happened to be way cheaper than I expected it to be. Preparations were made to visit in August but we kept postponing because one thing on the other kept coming up. We were finally able to go sometime in September. On the D-day it rained a little which almost made us cancel again but I am glad we didn’t because the sky cleared up and sun shine was epic.
The entrance fee is five hundred naira(500)for adults and three hundred naira(300) for kids,food and drinks are not allowed into the premises.
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The staffs were very nice and cordial, they offered us a plate of groundnuts each and some sweets free of charge.we wanted a boat ride but it was expensive, we were billed five thousand naira (5000) for the ride and I  felt that it was too much so we didn’t pay, the cheaper alternative was to pay for a paddle boat which you have to pedal your self, we didn’t ride the paddle boat because pedaling by ourselves would have been too much work.

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Paddle boat

Another thing to enjoy is the coconut water drunk directly from fresh coconut, They also had coconut oil for sale.

I didn’t really take pictures of the other parts of the resorts because the view of the ocean was breathtaking plus my friend wanted to do a mini shoot for her upcoming fashion label and by the time we were done, time was far spent.
Whispering Palms, paddle boat, beautiful.
Taken just after the entrance.

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Ankara top made by my friend. Don’t you just love the view?

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Outfit made by my friend. Notice my fro? ☺

One thing I really enjoyed about the visit to whispering Palms was the scenery, its so beautiful and colorful. The only down side was the distance, considering I stay on the mainland and badagry is also on the mainland it was still far. The roads aren’t exactly in good condition, it was a bumpy ride. 
I would definitely love to visit again. I hope you enjoyed reading and found this post helpful. 
Where is your favourite chill out spot? Have you been to whispering Palms before, what did you like about it? What was your experience like? If you haven’t would you visit? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 


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  1. You got me laughing when you said you were too lazy to paddle. But this is a beautiful post

    1. The struggle is real, the thing with paddling is that your thighs feel pained afterwards. Kind of like doing frog jump or squats.
      Am glad you found it amusing.

  2. I absolutely love the purple outfit 😀. You look great in it

    1. Lol.. Thanks dear, on a good day I don’t think I could wear it though. Shy girl issues.

      1. Haha I totally understand 😂. I’m like that sometimes

  3. Been there before,but that was when I was little and can hardly remember except some few areas there, would really love to go there again, nice post by the way.

    1. Thanks for stopping by dear.
      Yea, its a beautiful place and they renovated some years back.

  4. This looks like a nice place to visit. I’ve never been there before. Your hair looks so nice.

    1. Yes, it’s a nice place, very quiet and peaceful … Thanks 😊, hopefully you are talking about my hair and not the wig. 😊

      1. Is the last picture a wig? It looks like your real hair.

        1. No its my hair. Thanks ☺

  5. Hi Vivian,
    I just read Grace’s post about her trip to LCC, and now I’ve seen yours about the Whispering Palms. Indeed, Lagos has interesting spots for social activities.
    You are right, the scenery at the beach resort is very beautiful. I’d love to visit someday, only if someone else drives, because Badagry is so far. Lol
    Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

    1. No lying about it, badagry is very far.

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