My Natural Hair Story. 

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HeeellOOoooo it’s been a minute! Allow me to blame it on exams. 
 I have been blogging for a year now (wordpress reminded me ) and I am still wondering why I never shared my natural hair story with you all. Anyhoo this post will rectify that. 
Before I became a “naturalista” (by force) I had been seeing beautiful pictures of ladies with kinky textured hair all over the Internet and I just used to drool over their hair, I didn’t think I would ever be one of those ladies because I have always had relaxed hair for as long as I can remember and the thought of cutting all my hair off to go natural was a no,no. Sadly my relaxed hair wasn’t doing so good at the time, it was so weak that once when I went to the salon for a sew-in the stylist kept showing me my hair as it was falling off while she weaved it. I was heartbroken and decided to stay off relaxers, I wore protective styles for  eight(8) months to manage the new growth (I didn’t even know i was Transitioning). 

Found this really old picture of my relaxed hair on Facebook 🙈

The plan was to trim off the damaged relaxed hair and then relax the new growth again. I just never considered leaving my hair natural in all my plans because I didn’t think I could manage it. The day I was to cut and relax my hair, I went to the salon with my sister, dropped my relaxer at the stylist’s shop and headed for the barber’s to get my relaxed hair cut off.
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About 3months natural. Ignore my edges 🙈

I am pretty sure the barber understands English but I think that my English sounded like Latin that day because “the barber” did the exact opposite of what I wanted. I said to him I only want the relaxed part cut off instead the guy went straight to my scalp and just like that my eight months of new growth was gone. I almost fell out of the chair because of the shock , tears filled my eyes ready to be shed, I held it in because”big girls don’t cry”(in public places). I was dumbfounded, the barber apologised and tried to console me while still claiming I didn’t explain myself clearly. I contemplated leaving the barbers shop but the damage had already been done, since the hair can’t be glued back to my head and I also can’t be walking around with a big patch on my head I let the barber cut the rest of the hair.😥😭😭😭.
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My sister and the stylist were so shocked they couldn’t even laugh (thank God). I think I would have cried if they had laughed, I wish I have a picture of how pathetic I looked that day.I decided it would be unfair to apply relaxer on my hair as it was really short at the time, I let the hair be and wore protective styles for over four months, during that time I read a lot on how to manage my hair just in case I wanted to stay natural . The rest as they say is history. 
It’s been two years since I went natural and I haven’t regretted the decision for once. I totally love my 4c hair and all that it has helped me learn about myself. 
What’s your story? How and why did you return natural? 
Ps- watch out for my two years nappyversary length check post. 


Hi there , my name is Vivian (popularly known as skinnybrowny) the brain behind this litttle space.
I am a creative thinker with vast interests and talents , I am my own biggest competition and critic ,everyday I Strive to be a better version of myself.
I aim is to educate/enlighten everyone who stops by through my skills and ability. I hope you to stay and grow with me.

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  1. Your hair is really beautiful, love the dye colour.
    I have been natural since SS1, I went natural because I just felt like and I have kept it till today. I have gone through so many hair issuses like breakage, but it has been a good experience for me so far

    1. Thanks dear.. I barely have any color on my hair now.

      1. I am sure it still looks beautiful. Have a wonderful day

  2. My natural hair story began in 2012. Your hair was weak and prone to breakage? Mine was incredibly strong. I remember buying Dr. Miracle relaxer and clenching my teeth as they relaxed my hair and then when I went there 2 weeks later to have the hair braided, they said I needed to relax it. I’m pretty laissez faire with hair care, never been a product junkie either. I transitioned for a while then in February 2014, I cut my hair the first time.
    Then because my hair grew too long to manage, in February 2016 I cut it again.
    Currently I need to deep condition the hair. I haven’t for a while but mostly I use coconut oil and shea butter. But I spray it daily with a mix of oil, water, and conditioner.

    1. You cut your hair because it grew too long,I am managing my growth as best as I can to retain length.
      Lol.. Irony of life 😥☺

      1. There’s no way to transfer growth. My hair grows really fast, which is incredibly funny because I’m a super lazy naturalista. Your hair will grow but love it through the stages.

  3. Your hair is beautiful. You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks dear

  4. Your hair looks really great.
    I’ve been fully natural for a few days. 🙂 However, I transitioned for 18 months. Currently, I’m getting used to how short my hair is.
    I went natural this time because I wanted a better experience than the 1st time. I had no idea what I was doing.

    1. Thanks
      Yay… Congrats on your new journey, patiently waiting to see pictures of how your hair looks.

  5. Mine started mid 2014. In the middle of watching tv I blurted out to my mum that I was tired of my hair. She laughed and said I could get scissors she could help me. I got them. She laughed again and announced she was cutting my hair. I told her to go ahead. She actually thought i was joking. I wasn’t. Relaxers didn’t hurt me. I wasn’t tired. My hair was long, and I felt like starting all over. This whole natural hair thing wasn’t as pronounced then sef. It wasn’t intentional

    1. You have mind o. I don’t know if I would have made the decision to go natural if the barber hadn’t cut all my hair off mistakenly.

      1. hahaha

  6. Hey I really think your bog is amazig. Do you ever wish you coud go back to relaxed hair? I have relaxed hair (relaxed since i can remember) and have often thought about going natual.

    1. Thanks love.
      I have always had relaxed hair too, I haven’t missed my relaxed hair since I started grooming my natural hair.

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