SNATCHED OR THINNING EDGES? – Five Easy Steps To Grow Your Edges . 

Most of us (females) have had problems with snatched or thinning edges at one time or the other in our hair journey. Some people are able to grow the edges back with a little effort and for some the damage is irreparable.I am not here to advertise any miracle product that will help grow your edges overnight because you and I know that’s next to impossible. I have suffered from snatched/thinning edges(due to longthroat for beautiful but edges snatching hairstyles) at least twice since I started my healthy hair journey and I have been able to grow them back both times. I am kind so I am sharing the effective and easy steps I follow to grow my edges –

  • Stay away from protective styles or any kind of manipulation that puts a strain on your edges.leave braids, faux locs and Ghana weaving to the ladies with iron sponge edges, I feel like this is the most important decision to make if you want your edges back. If your edges are fragile and sensitive there is not much you can do protect your them when getting tight protective styles, trust me I speak from experience. I had goddess locs installed(even though my stylist was careful) and when I took it off my edges were barely there, it was thin and really scanty. Dont wait until your edges are totally snatched or damaged before you make this decision.
The pictures above shows my edges before I installed goddess locs while the ones below shows my edges afterwards.
  • Leave it! – before you even consider the methods to growing back your edges or the miracle product to use, leave your edges alone!. The last time I had a protective style on for an extended period was last August when I installed crochet braids , I either wear my hair out or put on wigs with my hair in twists or cornrows underneath the wig. This might seem hard to adapt but it’s best because the hair follicles around the affected area need to rest and breathe, if you keep stressing your edges you could permanently damage the follicles.
  • Find a product – there are lots of options out there ranging from home made remedies to store bought products and some of them have been known to yield effective results, find a product that works for you and stick to it.I once used the profectiv growth renew temple moisturant to regrow my edges and it worked fine. However, this time around because I wanted to try something different and budget friendly I used palm kernel oil mixed with Castor oil to restore my thinning edges and the result so far is amazing.

I mix my PKO with natural Nigerian Castor oil. You can use any brand you like

  • Be consistent – before you term a product as ineffective try using it routinely for at least six (6) weeks.(for example applying said product to affected area at least twice daily).   The effectiveness of a product doesn’t have to be cost related, some people use just sheamix to regrow their edges and you all know Shea Butter is really cheap. Just be consistent with whatever routine /regimen you have decided to adapt and you will definitely see improvements.
  • Take pictures – it’s hard to notice growth or improvements most times.documenting your progress will help you notice those changes that you aren’t aware of. When you take pictures you are able to keep track and also make comparisons with before and after photos.

Note – not all edges can be regrown especially if the follicles around the affected area is totally damaged.If you have followed all the tips mentioned above for at least three (3)months with no visible progress, you should consult a trichologist.

My edges now. It’s obviously not as thin or scanty as it was months ago. This is a result of five months consistency, so be patient and use your products routinely.

Have you ever had issues with your edges? How did you grow it back and what products did you use? Please leave your comments below I would love to hear from you. 
I hope you found this post helpful, if you did please share with your friends and family so they can benefit too.
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 Ps – I shared the benefits of palm kernel oil in this post.


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  1. I’ve had issues with my edges and I use olive oil and tea tree oil to combat that. My edges aren’t super thin but they could be thicker. My problem is consistency that I need to work on. Thank you for sharing this, it was helpful.

    1. Consistency is key.. Am glad you found this helpful.. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. definitely and you are welcome.

  2. That’s so good that your edges are growing back. Make sure your wigs aren’t tight too. 💜

    1. Lol.. It’s a testimony. Thanks for the tip, I never cared for overly tight wigs

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