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Natural hair is unique and beautiful but takes time, skill, and dedication. Wigs and hair extensions can be a wonderful way to give you and your natural hair a break. Wearing wigs and hair extensions are ideal for protecting hair from the stress of styling and harsh weather, but they can be costly when they need replacement.
How well you take care of your new hair will determine how much money you spend in the long run. Knowing how to take care of both synthetic and human hair means that you’ll preserve and extend the life of the hair. You’ll look and feel better knowing that you have a clean, well-cared for mane on your head.
In this post, I’ll discuss how to care for your wigs and extensions so you can get the most use out of them. If you want to know all about wig and hair extension care, keep reading.
Washing Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs and Extensions
Don’t let your hair go too long without a wash, even if it’s synthetic. Wigs can become hiding places for bacteria and fungi, so you’ll want to make sure you’re putting a clean wig on your head, or it can transfer to your scalp. Washing your wigs and extensions will help revive them and make them look better.
Knowing whether your purchased hair is human hair or synthetic is the first step to caring for your investment. Synthetic hair may look like human hair, but the way to care for them is different.
Keep your synthetic hair from getting wet, unless you’re doing a major restoration. Water can tangle the hair and shorten its life span. Instead, use a dry shampoo to remove product buildup and revive the wig. Then use a dry conditioner or a detangling conditioning spray that will help you detangle the hair.
Human hair washing is different from synthetic. Human hair extensions need hydration just like your mane does. It needs a good moisture and detangling regimen to thrive.
Aim to dampen human hair extensions and wigs with water and conditioner frequently, especially if they’re curly. Make a spray detangler out of water and conditioner and spray your wigs daily if they’re curly or kinky. You can do it less frequently if it’s straight hair.
You should also use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on human hair as needed for cleanliness and revival.
Detangling Wigs and Hair Extensions
Brushing is an essential part of the detangling process for wigs and hair extensions. If you don’t brush synthetic hair regularly, it may look too shiny to be real and give the “wig appearance”. Detangle the hair from the ends to the roots with a large paddle brush twice a day. The ideal times are in the morning when you are getting ready, and in the evening before you retire for the night.
If your synthetic wig or extensions lose their curl pattern from the frequent brushing, you can curl the hair with flexirods and add low heat with a blow dryer. The small amount of heat will help to mold the hair into the desired curl, but don’t overdo it with the blow dryer. The hair is plastic, so it could melt unless the manufacturer has expressed permission to heat the hair.
Human hair works the way your hair does. Wigs and extensions should be maintained with moisture and detangled with the same leave-in conditioner spray you’d use on your tresses.
Try to limit heat use on human hair because it can damage it and remove the healthy look of the hair.
How To Store Your Wigs and Hair Extensions
Your head is the worst place to store your wigs and hair extensions when you’re sleeping. Falling asleep in your wig, or even laying down in them can shorten the life of the hair and leave you with a mess of tangles and shedding by morning.
Store the hair in the package it came in. The bag or box that the hair arrived in is the best place to keep the hair when it is not on your head. You can also use an inexpensive mannequin head, but be sure to keep it in a high and secure place away from kids and pets.
Taking care of your synthetic and human hair will give it more life, and they will look better too. Giving them daily TLC will save you money spent on new hair, and time spent detangling. Synthetic hair can last 4-5 months if you care for it right, and human hair wigs and extensions can last forever.
Now it’s your turn to discuss. Do you have a favorite way you like to Care for Your Wigs and human hair extensions.?
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