I Quit Blogging : Three Reasons why I quit

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A year ago I quit blogging, although it wasn’t intentional. A month turned into two and before I could snap my fingers , a year had gone by.

Blogging and life in general is hard, like the saying goes nothing good comes easy and best believe its true. But its easier to give up/quit than to keep striving and pushing.

Anyway I am back now , and I feel more or less like a newbie blogger. A lot has changed since I have been away, there is so much I have learnt . Since I quit the blogging scene that needs to be tried and applied on my new blog because its 2019 and the goal is to be a blogger boss!

I reasoned that since I aim to share more of my personal struggles and wins on the blog, it would be okay to share a few reasons why I quit blogging. Before I get into that I think a brief reintroduction is needed skinnybrowny.com (formerly skinnybrownie1site.wordpress.com , whew!!! a mouthful I know) is a lifestyle blog centered around natural haircare , DIYs and personal development. Please go through my previous posts and get familiar with my content . I hope that you subscribe and keep coming back.

I quit blogging because: growth comparisons

I started to compare my growth and social media presence with others. Forgetting that we are all running our own race and at a different pace.

I quit blogging because: I got lost in the crowd –

I started blogging to come out of my comfort zone , share my skills and ability , personal growth and life’s lessons while hoping that everyone who reads (especially women, since most of my content is centered around my abilities as a female) would learn a thing or two and also be encouraged / inspired. I believe that we all have a voice that is relevant and needs to be heard. My blog is a platform created for my voice, I do hope that you find it relevant and applicable .

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I quit blogging because : Lack of proper planning to execute goals –

I started out my blog with my phone, which I used for everything at the time as I didn’t have a laptop. I, however, set personal goals that on or before the blog was two I would get a laptop, a better phone, get a domain name and go self-hosted, (Quite a lot since I was still a student and not very realistic now that I think about it). I guess the main reason my goals were not met at the time was that I did not have a concrete plan on how to achieve the set goals.

Two years later my trusted phone started to act up and it got to me. I didn’t have the resources to get a new one also didn’t have the money to buy a laptop. (what a life). All of this coupled with the fact that I hadn’t moved to a self-hosted domain at the time I set for myself just made me feel like what’s the point?

I quit blogging because : Waiting to have it all mentality

In the year twenty eighteen (2018), I determined that come what may I must achieve all my set goals for the blog. I saved like never before (I also became a B.sc graduate in 2018, yup took me 10 years and 5 months – story for another day) towards buying a laptop, a new phone and going self-hosted. This meant no fun outings and no spontaneous buying including hair products.

Did I get a laptop, phone and go self-hosted? Yes, I did. My savings coupled with a few donations from family and friends helped me achieve my set goals for 2018. Although I wasn’t able to achieve my set goals until November 2018. However, I do realize now that the joy of achieving goals is in the process . I shouldn’t have let my limitations stop me from blogging. Let’s be honest a year is a long time to be away and I might as well be starting afresh.

I have learned that true perfection is a continuous process. So instead of waiting for the right time to execute plans and ideas I am going to keep moving and improving myself daily. continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – Mark Twain

i quit blogging - three reasons why i quit ... blogging is hard , growth comparisons , iforgot why i started blogging , lack of proper blogging gear, yoyu have a voice thats relevanr , use it

Now I want to try blogging professionally –

I admit that I didn’t know anything about blogging professionally when I started out. I didn’t know money could be made even when you are not Linda Ikeji or bella naija . The bloggers advocate ( they provide paid blog services and free tips to take your blog from basic to top-notch ) has however changed my perceptive about blogging and opened my eyes to the opportunities available to bloggers. If you are a blogger looking to up your game. Check them out on Instagram, you will be glad you did. With this in mind, I officially accept the title of a professional blogger. I hope that as I keep sharing my voice on here and expanding my reach. The paid opportunities will also start rolling in. Amen

Thank you all for taking the time to read my jumbled thoughts. You probably grabbed popcorn and a drink along the line. I would love to know your thoughts so leave a comment below. Tell me how you overcame any challenge or tips on how you set and achieve your goals.

Please subscribe to the blog via email so you dont miss a thing, Fresh contents will be shared every week. Till next time , don’t give up on your dreams and remember quitting before the finish line sucks.

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  1. Okay, so you summed up most of the reasons I wanted to quit blogging finally in December. What made me not to were my friends that encouraged me. Here I am. I plan to make it work, especially now I’m going to be at home for 4 months. 😂 that’s a lot of free time to do something with my blog and my life. Hopefully this year turns out better for my blog.

    1. So happy and glad you didnt quit.
      Four months is a lot of time to achieve your set goals.
      I look forward to reading and seeing what you do in four months .. Cheers !

  2. This post is so relatable.
    The struggle is real
    Comparison is the thief of joy, inadequate planning always affects execution and many time if we’re not careful we start writing to impress our audience, losing hold of the reason we began in the first place and thereby losing our voices.
    This post woke me up though.
    Thanks a lot 😘

    1. Hey babe , I am so glad that you could relate and I concur that “comparison is truly the thief of joy” as it breaths low self esteem and I hope that with this post of mine you continue to stay “woke”.

  3. This is so encouraging.
    I’m glad you didn’t give up despite the hiatus that occured for a year, you Still stood up to continue from where you started.
    You are a strong woman❤️.
    Cheers to more blogging!!!

  4. Hi Viv, glad to see you back up and running… Time out is not always a bad thing… 10 years and 5 months? Your BSc story is definitely one I’d love to hear.

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