Afro puff drawstring ponytail DIY

Afro puffs which could also be classified as or termed a drawstring ponytail is a necessity every female who loves quick and easy hairstyles needs to have. Last year afro puffs and drawstring ponytails became really trendy here in Nigeria, and why not?. It’s affordable and very easy to use. You don’t necessarily need a hairstylist to help you attach it to your head.

I however never got around to having/buying an afro puff drawstring ponytail until recently when I decided to make one for myself from leftover hair that I used to install crochet braids .

Trust me to share the process of how I made my afro puff drawstring ponytail so that DIY lovers like me can also make theirs. To make an afro puff drawstring ponytail you need –

  • Hair of choice
  • Scissors
  • Rope or strands of hair extensions
  • A chair

STEP 1 : Tie the rope or strand of hair around a chair, try to tie very taut.

STEP 2 : With the aid of scissors cut the hair of choice into equal halves. (Cutting in halve is optional, it depends on the length you want ).

STEP 3 : Fold the hair of choice in halves and make a loop like you would for crochet braids.

STEP 4: Loop and knot hair of choice on to the rope or strand of hair extension that is already tied to the chair. Repeat the process until you have satisfactorily filled the rope and strand of hair extension.

STEP 5: Cut or loose the rope/strand of hair extension from the chair and voila!! , your afro puff drawstring ponytail is ready to be used.

Diy afro puff

OPTIONAL: Because I used braiding hair as my base for the afro puff. After cutting it I braided both ends of the hair and burnt the tips. This is just for neatness and to prevent the strands from frizz or tangles.

Here is a video from my YouTube channel showing how I installed my afro puff drawstring ponytail. Please watch and encourage me by clicking the subscribe button, it’s free

How to afro puff tutorial

If you have any questions, do leave them in the comment section and also let me know your thoughts on this tutorial. Would you try it? Till next time stay safe .

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