Hello there and welcome to my little space on here.
My name is Ejiro Vivian Agaje ,
I am currently in my twenties and I am at that point where I feel like it’s time to be an adult and start taking responsibilities for my actions. You know that time when you need to figure out the path you need to take in other to achieve success and contentment.
I am a stay in “your comfort zone” kind of girl, you know always playing safe and never intentionally breaking rules. I am the kind of person who is always thinking and planning great ideas in my head but I never work towards making it a reality because I always end up talking myself out of it (“like oh it’s not good enough) . Starting this blog is leaving my comfort zone and I really hope I come out of the shell that I have totally wrapped myself in.
I do not see myself as a writer or a person who is good with words but I really do hope to communicate or make a lasting impression to anyone who reads my blog.
……….. Wow, look at me talking my head off……..
I generally suck at being committed to anything, so this blog is also a challenge to my commitment goals. (i hope I can stick to this blog for long).
I also want to improve myself each day and discover new things I never knew I was capable of, so help me God.
I hope you stick around and grow with me.
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  1. I love the tag line on your blog header. “Do it afraid. No one is too old to try”. 🙂

    1. That’s nice to know.
      It’s also like a constant reminder to myself.

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