Are Your Fingernails Damaging Your Hair? 😞

If your nails keep getting caught in your hair either, because they are too long or cracked and hanging, this post is for you. Before you wash, detangle or style your hair always be sure your nails are in tip top condition. By saying this, i mean that your nails shouldn’t be split as hair […]

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GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop 

Have you decided to stop using the creamy crack(relaxers and texturizers) and don’t know what next to do or what products and tools you should get to help you manage your new texture? Then worry no more as i will be sharing with you the budget friendly essentials every natural must possess. 1. Shampoo – […]

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For the newly natural it can be very frustrating coming across terms and abbreviations you don’t understand so, I put together a few to help you get by .☺😘 2a,2b,2c,3a,3b,3c,4a,4b,4c – Curl Types Fine, medium, thick (coarse) – hair texture Kinky hair – tightly twisted or coiled hair Transitioning – process of growing out your […]

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